Hi, welcome to Redeem the Commute. I’m Ryan, your host for the Daily Challenges. Yesterday we read the story of Peter raising a dead woman to life.

I asked you to read another story, of Jesus doing something similar in Mark 5:21-42 and write down some of the parallels.


There are definitely some clear parallels between them.


It starts with the messengers summoning Peter to a home setting, from a great distance. We saw yesterday it was about 9 miles, and would have taken hours.


When he gets there, it’s clearly too late – the body has been washed and laid out, the mourners are reminiscing, it’s over.


Then, like Jesus he has the distraught mourners sent out of the room, followed by the simple command to rise…these are all things Jesus experienced and did as well.


In fact, he used almost the same words as when Jesus raised the daughter of a man named Jairus in Mark 5. With the exception of one letter: “Tabitha arise,” instead of “Talitha arise.” Which meant little girl arise.


Imagine the excitement! First, this generous, beloved woman was alive once again, and cured of whatever took her life. Peter even takes her out and presents her to the crowds – imagine the thrill!


Peter might have become quite famous for this – except as we saw in this story, everything was designed in a way that gave Jesus glory.   It was clear he was simply following in his master’s footsteps.


The result of this miracle, as with other miracles the apostles performed, was that many believed in the

Lord. Miracles testify to God’s power and encourage people in their faith. And of course the told the story, to the point that it actually came to us through the Bible, and millions of us today still believe in the possibility of life after death like this.


We’re called to follow in our master’s footsteps as well. To go into impossible situations, and bring life and hope and healing.


Question: What do you think it looks like for us to follow in Jesus’ footsteps today through hopeless situations?