Hi, welcome to Redeem the Commute. I’m Ryan, your host for the daily challenges.

Our daily challenges are meant to help you explore what it means to follow Jesus, even if you don’t have a lot of time. We have a rhythm that keeps us in sync, even if we’re not a community that meets together in person regularly. Every Monday we introduce the week’s idea. Every Tuesday we study it in the Bible. Every Wednesday we see how that challenges and transforms our thinking on the topic. Thursdays we try to apply and live it out. Friday is a day for prayer and reflection before we take a rest on Saturday, and Sundays we meet together with others in community.

Last week I cleaned off the siding of my house, and was amazed to see the dirt just wash away. I thought I’d need a pressure washer, but just some soap and a rough sponge were enough to wash the grime off.

When I was done, I rinsed it off, and the house looked like new. It didn’t get that way on its own, but through my efforts to restore it to its original state. It was an intentional effort by the owner that got my house clean.

This is the second last week of our series, “We Are” where we’ve explored how Christians are formed in response to what God has done through Jesus.

This is a great place to end, because this week is about how we are made new.

God has a plan to renew the whole world, and invites us to be reborn and made new as well. It’s not something that can happen by itself, but something only the creator and sustainer of this world can do.

We’ll explore that great news this week.

Question: What have you seen made new and clean? What was the feeling? Have you ever felt similarly about your life?