Commuting can really test a marriage.  This course is for couples, young or old, experienced or newlyweds, in trouble or just looking to learn.  It’s been used around the world, normally at a cost, but we’ve made it available to residents of Durham Region completely free of charge.

The best way to enjoy the course is if your spouse watches or listens to the same content as you, so you can discuss the question when you’re back in one place.

Marriage Course - August 26, 2012

Day 10 - Effective Communication


• communication involves the message, the speaker, and the listener
• building intimacy in marriage involves hearing each otheros experiences, thoughts, feelings, and desires

The importance of talking
• telling each other our thoughts and feelings
• may have been taught to hide feelings during upbringing
• will take courage and practice to re-Iearn how to talk about feelings
• some have difficultu recognizing what they are feeling (if this describes you, please see the optional homework exercise: Identifying Emotions)

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