Parenting Children - September 17, 2012

Day 34 - Relationships with siblings and other children Part III

3. Have time together as a family

• don't always eat separately
• don't have several TVs in the house
• organize family nights, family outings, family vacations
• do chores together
• allow them to have fun together, playing childish games, being silly, playing outside
• don't always entertain them; allow them to be bored so they make up their own games
• have fun together as a family

4. Give each child space and some privacy

• some children need more time on their own than others

5. Help them to see each other’s good points
• give them a sense of responsibility to look out for each other

What helps your child get along with other children better?

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  • our children crave to be noticed by us and crave our attention
  • special time with each child develops their self-esteem and their ability to relate to others
  • can be difficult for us as parents to recognize this need and to fulfill it
  • the more children we have, the more planning and conscious effort it takes
  • channels of communication are opened through spending one-on-one time with our child(ren)
  • can transform a child’s behavior
  • eye contact:
    • can be used either positively or negatively
    • children learn by modeling – if we do it, they’ll do it
    • easy when they are babies – but don’t give up eye contact as they get older
    • good eye contact goes hand in hand with active listening

Do you have fond memories of 1:1 time with a parent?  What memories can you create with your children one on one?


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