The many stresses and strains of commuting life often include big questions about life, faith and God.  This course helps you explore those big questions!

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Ryan Sim - September 7, 2012

Day 9 - Why The Bible?

Christianity 101

We briefly explore whether we can trust what we read in the Bible about Jesus. More on how exactly the Bible works and came to exist will follow in later weeks.

Question: Have you ever read some of the Christian Bible before? Did you trust it? Why or why not? What would you trust?

From Series: "Christianity 101"

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    1. Shane Watson
      December 6, 2012

      Hi. Good videos. I’m not a commuter (I both live and work in Port Hope) but I like the idea of Redeem the Commute. I pray it is a successful effort.

      Just a heads up that your intro in the Act 2 video appears as though it belongs on the Act 3 video.

      Yours in faith,

      • Ryan Sim
        December 6, 2012

        You are quite right, thanks for catching that! We will post the right intro soon.


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