Let’s look at each testament in a bit more depth now. First the Old Testament:

Languages: Hebrew, Some Aramaic

Main Character: Israel

Main Stories:

  • Creation & Fall
  • Abraham
  • Slavery in Egypt
  • Powerful Kings
  • Division and Rebellion
  • Exile
  • Prophets

And then comes the New Testament:

Language: Greek Most common language

Main Character: It’s all about Jesus, but he did not write it personally.

Main Book Types:

  • Letters to the Churches by Peter, Paul, etc. (Epistles)
  • Biographies of Jesus (Gospels) by:
  • Mark
  • Luke, Matthew
  • John
  • Story of the first Christians and churches (Acts, by Luke)
  • Overview of All Human History (Revelation) by John

Question: What kinds of literature do you read most? What do you struggle to read?