Churches gather in two different ways – both are important.

Sometimes a large number of Christians gather in one building, at one time or multiple times. They sing songs, pray, listen to teaching, and use it as a resource center for people in need.

Sometimes a smaller number of Christians gather in homes, or coffee shops, or on GO Trains, and do some of the same things.

Both are the church, there are followers of Jesus in community.

Each has its advantages the other can’t beat.

The big group has great resources – can pull of inspiring worship with arts, beautiful architecture, and a sense of being part of something larger. But especially in a larger church, you can feel lost and alone, it can be hard to get integrated and know people. You can come and go sometimes and few people notice.

Those who grow steadily are mostly involved in a small group for nurture, learning, prayer, support, and ministry. They know others learning to follow Jesus, and are known by them, and share that journey together.

The small group has its advantages – you are definitely known, and have something to contribute. There’s a sense of authenticity, community. It’s easy to be encouraged and challenged by other followers of Jesus who know your story, and vice versa. When you’re in need, you can’t hide, but someone knows to bring you a freezer meal or sit with you in the hospital.

A strong church is built on both kinds of groups…and a strong Christian is part of both them.


Question: When have you worshipped before? When you worship, do you easily forget any of the four reasons above? How can you add them?